​​​​Volunteer Equine Advocates

Volunteer Equine Advocates' Board of Directors

Executive Director                                           Alisha Rupp                   

Treasurer                                                          Yati Curd
Board Members                                               Matt Brown
                                                                          Stephanie Blanton

                                                                          Cherie Scircy



​​VEA is not a drop-off center for unwanted animals!

In 2003 a group of concerned citizens came together to give abused and neglected equines in Tennessee a second chance at life.

VEA accepts equines from legal cases of cruelty or neglect as determined by law enforcement and animal control agencies. Working with these agencies and with the help of generous donors and volunteers, VEA has assisted in the seizure and care of over 800 rescued horses, mules and donkeys since inception. Equines are then rehabilitated and placed in foster care or adopted into forever homes.

VEA is a no-kill equine rescue program. Our adoption policies ensure animals we place are never again unwanted, neglected or abused. Every male is gelded before it is placed in foster care or its forever home. Adoption applicants are screened through a questionnaire and in-person or phone interview process. All rescues have current Coggins. VEA will accept back any adopted equine that doesn’t work out, no matter how long the adopted home has had the animal. 

VEA operates solely from tax-deductible contributions, contributions of supplies and equipment, modest adoption fees and the generous giving of time and love from our volunteers. A board of directors oversees all policies, ensuring 100% of all donations go to expenses such as veterinary and dental care, medicines, farrier care, hay, feed and other essential equine care.

VEA advocates for the Minimum Care Standards developed by the University of Tennessee Agriculture Extension Service. But minimum care is just that – the minimum care needed for survival. VEA goes even further taking a holistic approach to rehabilitation. The physical and emotional health of VEA’s guest equines are equally important. So volunteers contribute countless hours of work and love, making sure equines are not only physically rehabilitated but emotionally ready for their new lives.