VEA was formed in mid 2003 by a group of concerned citizens who had the mission to improve the lives of abandoned, neglected or abused equine in Tennessee. The group adopted bylaws in August of 2003 and filed incorporation documents with the state shortly after. By March of 2004, application was made to the IRS for non - profit status and in October of 2004 the group was approved as a 501c3 non - profit organization.

The Executive Board is made up of 4 officers and up to 4 additional directors. Guests and volunteers are welcome to attend monthly meetings and are encouraged to assist with committee assignments including fundraising, publicity, programs, and adoptions. Monthly meetings are held at the Sumner County Agriculture Extension Office located at 658 Hartsville Pike in Gallatin, TN. Meetings start at 7 pm the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All regular meetings are open to the public.

We accept horses from cruelty cases in Tennessee from Law Enforcement and Animal Control agencies.

VEA has assisted in the seizure or care of  over 800 rescued equines since its inception, and currently averages 100 equines per year.

Equines accepted into VEA come from abuse and neglect situations. At this time, VEA is unable to accept equines from owner releases with only extreme situations being reviewed on a case by case basis. We are only able to courtesy post these equines on our Facebook page.

Our adoption policies ensure that animals we place do not contribute to the population of the unwanted, neglected, and abused. We geld every male before it is placed in its forever home. Adoption applicants are screened through a questionnaire and in-person or  phone interview process. All rescues have current coggins, VEA will accept any adopted equine back into the rescue that doesn’t work out, no matter how long the adopted family has had the animal. 

VEA operates solely on adoption fees and donations. We maintain a strict budget and 100% of all donations are reserved to pay for the care of our rescues (veterinary care, farrier care, dental care, hay, feed, training, etc.) Our volunteers are passionate about the cause and routinely spend personal funds to cover incidental expenses such as mileage, hay, routine maintenance, medications, paper supplies, etc. that are needed in the rescue process, in order to reserve the limited funds to pay our equine care expenses.

​VEA is a no-kill equine rescue. Animals in the care of our organization have no time or age limits. Euthanasia is only considered when a veterinarian recommends it due to the health of the animal or extreme aggressive behavior.

Volunteer Equine Advocates' Board of Directors

​President / Executive Director              Jamie Clifton

V President / Operations Director        Michael Crum

Secretary                                             Angie West

Treasurer                                             Yati Curd

Directors                                             Rachel McAuley

                                                            Sherrie Davis

                                                            Matt Brown