Kids are never too young to start learning to give animals the respect they deserve.

Home school students

Jr. High and High School Students

VEA is dedicated to educating adoptive and foster care owners, the community at large and Tennessee's youth.  We have worked with many groups over the years to help Tennessee citizens understand:

  • the plight of abused and neglected equines
  • the responsibility of running a nonprofit organization and accepting stewardship of animals
  • basic equine care such as shelter, feed & water, grooming, cleaning and the basics of animal and farm upkeep
  • how organizations like VEA help address a nation-wide problem. 

Below are just a few examples of VEA educational programs.  If you would like to discuss a VEA educational program, please contact us by going to the Contact Us Form under our Home Page.   

Education is the key to solving the problem of animal abuse and neglect!

Church groups

Tennessee Promise Scholarship volunteer hours

County Teen Centers