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VEA operates solely from tax-deductible contributions, contributions of supplies and equipment, modest adoption fees, and the generous giving of time and love from our volunteers. A board of directors oversees all policies, ensuring 100% of all donations go to expenses such as veterinary and dental care, medicines, farrier care, hay, feed and other essential equine care. 

There are a variety of ways you can help rescued equine in Tennessee.

First and foremost, report any abuse or neglect to authorities!

If you see livestock abuse or neglect, please take immediate action by contacting local or state authorities, such as:

  • Animal Control/Law Enforcement
  • TN Department of Agriculture at tn.gov/agriculture/article/ag-businesses-livestock-welfare
  • Or contact VEA for assistance at 615.708.5607 or veaemail@gmail.com.
  • Be prepared to give a description of the animal(s).

Join the VEA Family by making a much-needed gift!

  • Make a one-time tax-deductible donation through PayPal
  • Set up a recurring tax deductible donation through PayPal
  • Contribute feed, hay and/or supplies
  • Volunteer your time and love.

Caring for rescued horses is a big commitment of time and dollars. Hay is the biggest expense to providing excellent care to our guest equines. A tax-deductible gift of any amount or contribution of food will help with the following on-going expenses:

  • Intake costs for veterinary and farrier evaluations, immunizations, deworming and required testing is $250 per equine. This amount can be much higher if there are complications such as lameness, severe dental issues, colic, laminitis or pregnancy.
  • Gelding intact males $175
  • Feed per week per horse $14
  • Hay per week per horse $12
  • Worm medicine per horse $25
  • Hoof trim per horse $25
  • Annual immunizations and exam $150
  • Intake evaluation & treatment $250
  • Farm expenses for keeping equines safe, rehabilitated, and housed until placement include fencing, utilities, tractor maintenance and fuel and various indirect costs.

$130 will sponsor a horse for a month!

Adopt or foster Click here to find out how.

Sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smiles programs – it's easy and no cost to you! Every time you shop, VEA will get a donation from these companies that are so active in our community. Just click on the logo for more info and to sign up.