Princess at intake and a year later

Brandi at intake and after delivering a beautiful foal

                       Don’t wait!
Your immediate action could mean the difference between life and death.
Untold numbers of animals are abused and neglected around the world. In Tennessee, VEA is doing its part to give rescued equines a second chance at happy and healthy lives.

If you see livestock abuse or neglect, please take immediate action by contacting local or state authorities, such as:

  • Animal Control/Law Enforcement
  • TN Department of Agriculture at
  • Or contact VEA for assistance at 615.708.5607 or

Be prepared to give a description of the animal(s)

and specific directions to find them.

Since its inception, VEA has rescued and cared for over 800 equines in Tennessee.  VEA has seen abuse and neglect take many forms, from brutal physical abuse to starvation to hooves unattended to a crippling degree. In just the months of March and April 2017 alone, law enforcement called on VEA to rescue 15 equines.  Not all of them made it!  One mare succumbed to the neglect and was dead at the rescue site. Another mare was in critical condition and had to be euthanized the night of the seizure.  A third mare was euthanized a week later due to complications of pregnancy brought on by her extremely malnourished condition. They died before VEA had the opportunity to help them into a healthy, loving environment.

VEA could get a call at any moment, increasing the number of animals under its care.

But you can help through a contribution, volunteering your time and love, or taking an animal into foster care or for adoption.
Click here to learn how.
 But there is good news about our recent additions! Two mares gave birth to foals. One foal was adopted quickly; all are sure to live without ever again facing the threat of abuse or neglect.